You make one stupid mistake and it ends up costing you thousands of dollars in the long run. You go out with some friends, have a good time, and have a few beers. It appears that it was a good night and you all leave the bar, say your goodbyes and start to go home. And THIS is where the mistake happens and the money starts to flow out like a surging river. This is the part of the story that I tell you that I got popped for a DUI and let me tell you….it SUCKS. Not to mention the embarrassment of having your picture posted in the local newspaper as the newest addition to the county jail. If going to jail wasn’t enough punishment, you start to realize that in order to pay for all of the fines, lawyers, and court costs; you need to take out a cash advance just to pay for it all. This is where it went wrong for me.
I had gotten off work early that afternoon and went to the mall to pick up a much needed new pair of jeans. My old ones were so old and baggy that I looked like I was trying out for a mid 80’s rap video! As I was perusing the racks in one of my favorite stores, I ended up bumping in to an old girlfriend of mine, Brianna. We hadn’t talked in a long time and it was good to catch up with her. Funny enough, she was hanging out with some of our old mutual friends and she invited me out to join them. I thought it was a good idea and made plans to meet them at a local bar. I won’t lie to you, I was also hoping to hook up with Brianna, and she looked really really good. So I went home, had a drink while I got ready and met everyone downtown. We all stayed until the bars closed and it ended up being a great night. Brianna and I talked a lot that night and had made plans to meet up again the following evening for dinner. We all left and parted ways. I got about half a mile away and saw the flashing light behind me. When the cop pulled me over he told me that my headlights weren’t on. He was right, I had forgotten to turn them on. Next thing I know I’m walking a straight line, touching my nose and standing on one foot. Let’s just say I didn’t do so good. Half an hour later, I was at the jail blowing into a little tube that is supposed to accurately project my blood alcohol level. Again FAIL!
Nine hours later I was released with a court date and called my dad’s lawyer. Although he agreed to take my case at a discounted rate, it was still a lot of money. Four months later and $5000.00 poorer my DUI was dropped to Reckless Driving and it was all over with. So what is the moral of the story you ask…..Don’t ever try and get back together with your EX!!!



I love traveling, but when you have to go to an area of the world that is unlike the climate you are used to or are prepared for, you end up having to take a Paydayloans on your pay check to fund the new cloths that you have to buy in order not to freeze your buns off. If you are used to being in a tropical area, then when you fly off to the sub-arctic, someone like me is not accustomed to the drastic change in temperature. This is what I found out when I was attempting to visit my girlfriend’s family in northern Canada in the middle of winter.
Like all warm blooded Americans that grew up in Florida, I think of winter as a cool 60 degrees. When Christmas comes around, there is no snow, no fires, no snowmen, no caroling. It’s just plain HOT. So when I knew I was going to Canada for the winter I went to the mall to find some true cold weather gear. AS I walked through the mall, looking at all of the shops, I was disappointed to find that there were not a lot of stores that had what I was looking for. Of course there were some shops that had nice coats, but I was looking for the real deal. The wooly, warm, jacket that would keep me alive! After a lot of searching I came across a store that had just what I was looking for, I nice designer Pea Coat that looked amazing. Not only would I be warm, but I was going to look good in the process. And what was the cost of this beauty you might ask? $350.00! Now you might be sitting there thinking to yourself “what a cheap guy, that’s not that expensive”. Well, you are right, it isn’t, but not only did I have to buy the coat, I still needed cloths, hats, gloves, and a plane ticket. You can only imagine what that would all const. You can’t imagine, well let me tell you….All in all $1500.00. I haven’t even gotten there yet and I spent almost all of my travel money!
I looked at the weather channel and saw that the area I was going to was under a blizzard and that the temperature was zero degrees, yes that’s right, ZERO. I don’t know about you but that is really really cold. This was ending up to be one heck of an expensive trip to take to see the parents of a girl I had only been dating for three months. But what was I supposed to do, I had already given my word that I was going. My girlfriend told me that I could just borrow some cloths from her cousin that lived in the same town, but how embarrassing is that. Anyway, I got the cloths, went on the trip and had a good time. It was cold but I managed to survive. And by the way, I looked good in my Pea Coat!


Preparing an accurate estimate for an “office fit-out budget” is rather a convoluted method, and is a critical task for associations. Office fit-out rates can alter depending on the tenancy and the level of works required and workstations or furniture selected.

Ensuring the economic approximates are correct is the best way to avoid re-visiting Capital Expenses. Contextually, much disarray has arisen from the use of the phrase “fit-out allowance” as its inferred significance can be quite different over the associated segments of Australian building commerce:

allowances that have evolved from “builders fit-out” approximates have apprehended a couple of persons short, with no allocation for joinery, furnishings, window blinds, or other services in the allowance;

Budgets that have developed from “furniture suppliers” may not necessarily encompass accurate central building or fit-out/building charges;

It is important to realise the following delineations well, before finalizing an approximate or allowance for an agency fit-out:

Base construction fit-out – if you are looking at a brand new or completely refurbished tenancy, it may be in a “lock up”, “base-building fit-out” or “base-building case” condition, which means there will be no internal partitions, carpets, decorating, finishes or furniture provided. In most cases the tenancy will encompass basic services and have a ceiling, groundwork lighting, electric services switchboard / MDF, kitchen and toilet facilities.

The tenant will generally be responsible for the “office fit-out” added internal partitions, joinery, lighting, supplementary air-conditioning, power and data, agency workstations, agency furnishings and special finishes. Tenants need to be careful when contemplating agency tenancies which do not include the rudimentary base-building fit-out or absolutely vital services as these can be of substantial cost to the tenant to come by and these charges could be negotiated with the leasing agency / landlord so as to be off-set in the leasing affirmation.

Office fit-out – is utilised fairly generically and indifferently inside the commerce. A demand for an agency fit-out estimate from a partition contractor, will usually assume you are mentioning to fit-out rates for partitions & doorways and will not inevitably include “hidden charges” such as the sites accessibility, location, concern of the ceiling size, added services, carpet protection and/or business finishes. likewise, an approximate from an agency furnishings supplier won’t necessarily permit for made-to-order furnishings sizes, made-to-order joinery, electric & data obligations, building alterations or partitioning.

Lastly, If a tenant engages different deals to undertake their agency fit-out (i.e. one contractor for agency partitioning and building works, a business for workstations & furniture, another services provider for facts and figures and electric and so on) there is a large likelihood they will end up engaging a project administration firm to orchestrate these providers to rendezvous cost, time and quality constraints which adds another layer of cost which is afresh often over-looked or not accounted for.

agency conceive & assemble or shopfitting Full Package fit-out – the full bundle fit-out is normally supplied by a task management concentrated company who are adept to provision all constituents of an agency fit-out, encompassing task management, architectural design, construction works, services, workstations, furniture and finishes. As such a entire design and construct full-package office fit-out approximate is an unquestionable budget number you can have much more confidence in.

agency Space Design empowers Australian companies with creative, efficient workplace spaces that facilitate centre enterprise needs while encouraging heritage and identity.

agency Space Design delivers commercial architectural, conceive and assemble services to Australian companies moving agencies or engaged in refurbishment, relocation and fit-out projects.